Application Guidance

The application process

Apply online

Before applying, please ensure you meet all the eligibility criteria as detailed below.

Confirmation of Receipt

You will receive an email confirming we have received your application and a copy of the application for your records.


Selection Process

All grants are made at the discretion of the trustees and their decisions are final.

Outcome Awarded

We will send you a letter with our decision within 3-4 weeks of the next Trustee’s meeting.

Eligibility criteria


Located in Scotland

To be eligible for an award, your organisation must be based in Scotland, or your organisation’s project must take place in Scotland


Registered Charity

You must be a registered charity in Scotland. You’ll need to enter your charity number as part of your application.


Values alignment

To be considered for a grant, your application must align with the Trust’s area of interest which is to provide support in aid of children, young people, adults and families.


The Ryvoan Trust does not award grants to individuals or in support of requests on behalf of individuals.

Personal application

The Ryvoan Trust specifically excludes applications for grants toward personal educational requirements or personal expeditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many grants are made per year?

The Trustees generally meet twice a year.  Up to ten grants are awarded each funding round.

How soon can subsequent applications be made?

You can make a new grant application 12 months after an award or outcome has been received.

When is the next funding cycle?

The Trustees generally meet twice a year.  We will update the website with the next funding cycle closing dates as soon as we have set them.